Beauty is all around us.

Artists and designers

There are things that inspire us, make us happy, fulfill us, take our breath away, shift boundaries in our heads, light the way, relax the sight and the mind, speak to us. Slovenia has a great number of quality original artists to offer. In Alma vista, we are privileged to be able to  showcase a small selection of these, who accompany us and co-create the Alma vista story, leaving profound marks and weaving new friendships. In hope this journey never ends, let us walk together and discover the immeasurable possibilities of creativity and imagination.

Etko Tutta


Images, sculptures, computer art, graphic and spatial design are fields Etko loves to explore and create. Alma vista presents eight of his larger format works, which cast the audience in the role of spectators gazing through the artist’s windows into the depths of their own being. For his works, Etko received several international awards. His works are found in various private collections and European modern art museums.

Ivan Skubin


An artist from the Brdo region who combines wine ashes, earth, blue vitriol through clay, giving the region its mark and infinitude to the human spirit. For more info, see his website.

Oolop design


Three-leaved clover of young designers Tjaša Bavcon, Katja Burger and Jasmina Ferček creates in the field of industrial design (eco woolen soaps in a set THIS, birch tray, collection “V cvetju – Bloom”, fruit bowls, covers from polyurethane). For more info, see their website.

Bela Bela


Jana Mršnik and Vesna Štih whose projects combine textile design, industrial design, spatial design, etc. They are presenting themselves with lights and a modular wall. For more info, see their website.

Petra Varl


Petra Varl works as a visual artist in the media of drawing, graphic arts, painting, illustration and installations. She has shown her work in numerous independent and group shows. Petra creates the connection of intimate/private life and public action/art practice through constant ’portrayal‘ of relatives, friends and acquaintances by memory or by photograph. In some way, she keeps making (self-) portraits.  See more at her website.



Local products with a global conscience. Way sation – bird house, Wallpaper CIVCIV, notebooks Handmade by Slovenian’s bookbinders… Anka, Meta and Pavla recycle traditional crafts and skills and breathe into them contemporary design. More info here.

Martina Obid Mlakar


Martina, who once wanted to be an actress, today finds parallels with life and words through materials. The work of the designer and art restorer Martine Obid Mlakar is a blend of classic gold and silver jewelery making with the contemporary technologies and materials. It is a search for answers about the role and the meaning of jewelery in society; who or what wears a piece and how? More lovely work here.



Kaaita is a creative manufacture, passionate about designing and producing things that have a positive effect on everyday life. They prefer handmade, sustainable and fair play. Above all they love making emotionally powerful products. If one could fit eco, simple, design and fun into a single word, it would be Kaaita. Find out more about the brand here.


Nona Luisa


Nona Luisa is a small soap that has everything the big soaps have, and more! All natural ingredients and meticulously hand-made under the caring hands of Katjuša Reja. Small things in life to enrich your everyday and bring a smile to your face.

RE.DO bags


Creativity and originality, beauty and a simple use of things are the qualities you find in the RE.DO collection. Every part of the bag is hand-made from 100% re-used materials, which makes each and every bag a truly unique piece of art.