Edi Simčič

The Estate's Story

Alma Vista villa is a part of the Edi Simčič vineyard estate, famous for the wines made with passion and respect for tradition. Elegant but temperamental, they hold the key to the story of Brda soil, while the breeze between the Alps and the sea gives them their unique freshness and spreads their reputation far and wide.


The Maker & His Son

The wine cellar grew with Edi Simčič and it still carries his name. »One motive, one creed: to do well whatever you do. Nature itself speaks to the one who can hear it. When the years of spending time with vineyards and grapes provided feelings with certainty and estimations with reliability, predictions were no longer difficult. Changes are the only constant on this path from generation to generation: my son Aleks is my best partner.«

Land of Our Wines

Goriška Brda – where the soft Northern Mediterranean blends with the Southern Alps, a place where the soil is rich with salts and minerals. The Goriška Brda region is noted for white wines: Mediterranean exotic, mineral, full-bodied and fresh at the same time, with an ageing potential of up to five or six years.


Wine Selection

When wine leaves the darkness of the cellar, it is revealed on the table with a name and an unusual appearance. It does not care about prominence and glory, it represents enough even without those things. It is offered the same as it has evolved in spirit and taste: joyous, vivacious, serious at moments, but a little liberating throughout. True prominence is never superior.
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Wine Tour of the Edi Simčič Estate

Enjoy a privately guided tour of the cellars beneath the Simčič household, heralded by many as the finest and most forward thinking in Slovenia, and taste a selection of whites and reds grown on small vineyards around the country, accompanied by local cheeses and olive oils.