Nona Alma

The villa is built on the grounds of an old farmhouse that passed from generation to generation and is filled with memories. Flirting with tradition can be observed in many small details that are intertwined with modern construction and luxury furnishing.


Torn by history

Brda is a land soaked with the turbulent history and interesting events in the present. On your way there you will meet a rich natural and cultural heritage, castles and white churches build on the tops of the hills, wine cellars deep underground, green pastures as far as the eye can see and proud people that know the true meaning of hospitality.


Winemaking tradition

Alma Vista villa is a part of the vineyard estate Edi Simčič. Our wines are made with passion, respect for tradition and clear strategy for the future. The wine cellar grew with Edi Simčič and it still carries his name.


Back to the roots

The cuisine of Brda knows all four seasons, embodying the rich mixture of nations and historical periods that shaped this land. As decades passed, the many traditional recipes still call for seasonal ingredients, provide curious flavours and are simple to prepare.